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We invite our network of professional investors, friends, and family to invest in DevRev. Following raising $85 million, many of you asked how you could participate in DevRev’s success as early as possible. We heard you!
We are currently accepting investments in our DevRev SAFE. Click below to learn more or schedule a time with our investments team.
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How it works
Simple Steps to start investing

    Your investment is a SAFE Token, saved in your secure digital wallet on the blockchain
    Our SAFE Token is a security offered under a Reg D filing with the SEC and represents a digital version of a typical SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), and will be converted into DevRev equity at the time of a qualified financing (as described in the agreement). We have digitized our SAFE agreement on our cap table and securely save it as a token(s) in your personal digital wallet on the blockchain. The SAFE Token is encoded into a smart contract that resides on a blockchain to maintain transparency and immutability. Over time, certain summarized user and product usage data may also be disclosed in the blockchain.


    DeFi App Advantages
    Our DevRev DeFi App is an archetype for what a seamless, secure and continuous capital raising experience will look like in the future for product-led companies.

    Community inclusiveness

    Opens up investment opportunities for big and small investors alike. This paradigm provides fair access to disruptive ideas and associated investment opportunities, especially for diehard users in a thriving product community.


    The blockchain offers faster settlement and homogenous record keeping, including an entirely digital investment experience.

    Seamless experience

    A simplified capital-raising process, uniform data access and reporting, and token lifecycle management.